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Imagine having a whole group of people strategising to ensure you get your next promotion and pay increase faster. We're inviting you to join the Sharpin community. It's like having a team of professionals focussed on helping you accelerate your career. I'm sure you'd agree that having an accomplished team behind you, and supporting you all the way, will help you achieve your career goals much faster than if you just went it alone. We certainly think so. That's why we're inviting you to join us now.

Sharpin members are from all over the world. We meet to share and have access to the best advice, tools, and assistance in reaching their career goals.

Every month we have a one-hour Sharpin MasterClass with an expert or a high-profile member of the business community who is sharing actionable success strategies, tools and tips. Then you implement, and we'll help you along the way.

You will also participate in the monthly Sharpin MasterMind. It's a facilitated group webinar where we workshop the chosen methodologies and increase accountability to implement. We'll help with specific challenges, and discuss solution opportunities with the power of the group which has a common goal: group member success. Your success.

Now because knowledge is only power when applied, we've built this to help you do that. Apply. Result. Repeat.

Your membership also includes access to Sharpin MasterCourses, online courses for subject immersion and self-paced learning, designed so you get the idea or tool, and so you can apply it and benefit from it. These include:

  • Tim Wade's Promotion Payrise Express program

  • The Cache Group's Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Get The Gig - Gold Star Interview Techniques from professional recruiters

  • Thought Leadership Mastery - building your personal brand for growing your career influence

  • Coaching Skills for Leaders

  • Motivational Team Tools

  • Successful Communication Skills

  • Leading High-Performance Teams

  • Business Values Management

  • Creating Creative Business Cultures

​Choose your development area: learn, discuss, implement, refine, advance. It's the community that gives you the cutting edge. And everything we do is to help you sharpen the saw.

Your Sharpin Community

Join a community of skilled and experienced individuals also investing in themselves to fast-track their careers, and a group of career development specialists and business leaders focused on helping you increase your visibility, opportunity, and skills to advance faster.

The Sharpin team is:

Andrew Hurnard - CEO of The Cache Group, with 3 decades of recruitment expertise he knows what it takes to land your next position, and what leaders are really looking for from you.​

Tim Wade - leads Wade.global, a Singapore-based consultancy focused on leadership development and corporate transformation. He built and developed the Promotion Payrise program.

John Merkus - corporate Agile specialist for helping leaders and teams increase output, deliver value, and develop capability. John heads The Cache Group's training division.

Matt Cordner - marketing professor and personal branding specialist to help you increase your profile strength and marketability. He is your personal LinkedIn wizard.

We're a team of hands-on practitioners, believing in positioning you as the hero, not ourselves as gurus. And because there is currently nothing else out there like this that exists for corporate employees, we created it for our community. And we're inviting you to join.

While our courses retail at between $600 and $1,900 per session per person, with hourly keynote fees ranging between $6800 and $12,500, our community has access to this and us as part of their membership. Become a member of the Sharpin community. It's easy to join. Membership is monthly. And you can cancel any time. Easy.

Courses in this Program:

Lessons in Promotion Payrise (Express):

  1. 1 Create your WPR

    Objective: Set up this weekly action to set up your performance review

  2. 2 Implement Rule 15

    Objective: Increase communication with your manager

  3. 3 Delegate Up

    Objective: How to delegate back to your manager

  4. 4 Influence with the One-Page Business Case - part 1

    Objective: Understand why the One-Page Business Case is needed.

  5. 5 Influence with the One-Page Business Case - part 2

    Objective: Learn how to structure your One-Page Business Case.

  6. 6 Influence with the One-Page Business Case - part 3

    Objective: Case study of the One-Page Business and additional tips

Lessons in Get Noticed on LinkedIn Webinar:

  1. 1 Download the workbook

    Objective: Get started with your workbook

  2. 2 Using LinkedIn to get Noticed

Lessons in Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. 1 Getting Started - Download the Manual

    Objective: Download your manual

  2. 2 Getting Started - Download the Workbook

    Objective: Download the workbook

  3. 3 Supercharge 1 - Intro and Search Words

    Objective: Andrew and John show you how appear at the top of the list in searches.

  4. 4 Supercharge 2 - Achievements

    Objective: Now let's get your top achievements so we can use them on your profile

  5. 5 Supercharge 3 - Value Proposition

    Objective: Now let's get your value proposition so we can use that on your profile

  6. 6 Supercharge 4 - What's Important to You

    Objective: What's important to you is also important on LinkedIn

  7. 7 Supercharge 5 - Fun Facts

    Objective: Let's look at some some fun facts about you

  8. 8 Supercharge 6 - Headline

    Objective: Supercharge your Headline

  9. 9 Supercharge 7 - About

    Objective: Supercharge your About section

  10. 10 Supercharge 8 - Work Experience

    Objective: Supercharge your Work Experience

  11. 11 Supercharge 9 - Skills and Recommendations

    Objective: Have the right skills and how to get recommendations

  12. 12 Supercharge 10 - Networking and Connections

    Objective: Understand who to connect with and why

  13. 13 Supercharge 11 - Recap

    Objective: We make sure you got all the gold in this course and help you with what's next

Lessons in Audio Book - The Science of Getting Rich:

  1. 1 00a Introduction

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  2. 2 00b Preface

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  3. 3 01 Chapter 1

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  4. 4 02 Chapter 2

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  5. 5 03 Chapter 3

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  6. 6 04 Chapter 4

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  7. 7 05 Chapter 5

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  8. 8 06 Chapter 6

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  9. 9 07 Chapter 7

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  10. 10 08 Chapter 8

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  11. 11 09 Chapter 9

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  12. 12 10 Chapter 10

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  13. 13 11 Chapter 11

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  14. 14 12 Chapter 12

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  15. 15 13 Chapter 13

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  16. 16 14 Chapter 14

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  17. 17 15 Chapter 15

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  18. 18 16 Chapter 16

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  19. 19 17 Chapter 17

    Objective: Conditioning a positive possibility mindset

  20. 20 18 Outtro

    Objective: Completion

Lessons in Nail That Job Interview:

  1. 1 Getting Started - Download the Workbook

    Objective: Download your workbook

  2. 2 Video 1 - Introduction

    Objective: Let's set you up to get the most out of this course

  3. 3 Video 2 - Tell me about yourself

    Objective: The foundation for being able to make a great impression

  4. 4 Video 3 - Tell me about yourself – The Opening

    Objective: Create the start of your answer to, "Tell me about yourself?"

  5. 5 Video 4 - Tell me about yourself – Background

    Objective: Create the middle part of your answer

  6. 6 Video 5 - Tell me about yourself – The Close

    Objective: Finish strong making your first impression

  7. 7 Video 6 - Tell me about yourself – Bringing it together

    Objective: Using the Opening, Middle & Close create your 60 second reply

  8. 8 Video 7 – Critical Interview Questions - What do you know about us?

    Objective: Andrew shows you how to answer this critical interview question

  9. 9 Video 8 – Critical Interview Questions – Why do you want this job?

    Objective: Andrew shows you how to answer this critical interview question

  10. 10 Video 9 – Behavioural Interview Questions

    Objective: You'll be able to answer any behavioural interview question

  11. 11 Video 10 – Final Tips

    Objective: The essential last piece you need to finish the interview as strong as you started

Lessons in * Beta in development * Increase Your CONFIDENCE and Improve your MINDSET:

  1. 1 Welcome to Skhit.com's Confidence and Mindset program!

  2. 2 Shift your THINKING to be more POSITIVE.

    Objective: Refocus and Shift your thinking to be more positive.

  3. 3 Deconstructing the Video

  4. 4 Your One Week Worksheet

  5. 5 Rejection - a perspective on a part of life

    Objective: Understand the power of rejection, change your perspective, and take rejection as feedback.

  6. 6 Reframe rejection as feedback - Hotdog puppets

  7. 7 Deconstructing the video in 10 minutes

  8. 8 Opportunities and strategies moving forward

    Objective: Deal with rejection and become a better version of you.

  9. 9 Bonus 12-minute Audio: Expanding on the Executive Summary

  10. 10 Your One Week Worksheet - PDF

  11. 11 What if people are desperately looking for what you have to share with them?

    Objective: Let your prospects know who you are, what you offer and why they need you.

  12. 12 Why what you're doing is important and how to make others think so too

    Objective: Be Enthusiastic about your product.

  13. 13 How to end panicking before a meeting

    Objective: Increase courage in the moment of truth.

  14. 14 How to pick yourself up when things just aren't working

    Objective: Keep the doubts at bay and pick yourself up.

  15. 15 Feed your mind the good stuff

    Objective: Empower the mind and feed it with positivity.

  16. 16 Why awareness is important and how to increase yours

    Objective: Increase your awareness and develop your observation skills.

  17. 17 Why celebrating each success is important

    Objective: The Science of Celebrating Successes.

  18. 18 Why you're in sales even if your job has nothing to do with selling

    Objective: Get comfortable with sales.

  19. 19 Believe in yourself but don't inflate your ego

    Objective: Have Self-Belief without Ego.

Lessons in * Beta in development * Improve COMMUNICATION & Increase INFLUENCE:

  1. 1 How to further improve your communication and increase your influence for even greater business results!

    Objective: About the program and pirates

  2. 2 Increasing influence through vocal rapport

  3. 3 Deconstructing the video in 8 minutes

  4. 4 Your One Week Worksheet

  5. 5 A question is worth a thousand assumptions - Sherlock and Winston

  6. 6 Ask better questions - Captain America and Winston

  7. 7 Influence by Giving Value First - Winston and Dracula

  8. 8 Communicate using reflection techniques to help people convince themselves - Roadie at Golaf's glove shop

  9. 9 Ask, listen, and don't presume - Sherlock in the Office

  10. 10 Keep an evidence journal - Harry Potter

  11. 11 Influence with Scarcity - Santa Claus on a Talk Show

  12. 12 Influence through Likeability - Mickey's Job Interview

  13. 13 Listen for buying cues - Winston and Darth Vader

  14. 14 Influence using Social Proof - Loki and the Janitor

Lessons in * Beta in development * Increase Your PRODUCTIVITY and Improve Your EFFECTIVENESS:

Lessons in * Beta in development * Overcome OBSTACLES and Improve Your PERFORMANCE:

  1. 1 Welcome to "Overcome Obstacles and Improve Your Performance"

Lessons in * Beta in development * Increase Your PRESENTATIONS and Improve Your PITCH SUCCESS:

Lessons in Promotion Payrise:

  1. 1 Welcome to Promotion Payrise! (shot in Mumbai, India)

  2. 2 Understand the rules of the game so you can win (shot in Mumbai, India)

  3. 3 Have the typical promotion and payrise tactics covered (shot in Langkawi, Malaysia)

  4. 4 Level up your work ethic (shot in Colombo, Sri Lanka)

  5. 5 Become a Master in the job you're in now (shot on Manukan Island, Sabah, Malaysia)

  6. 6 Forget the past stuff that's not serving you or anyone else (shot on safari in Tsavo West, Kenya)

  7. 7 Set goals using the 12-hour model (shot in Nagasaki, Japan)

  8. 8 Use the 4 Steps to increasing Goal Accomplishment (shot in Hoi An, Vietnam)

  9. 9 Earning their trust... (shot on safari in Tsavo West, Kenya)

  10. 10 Market yourself (shot in Eumundi, Australia)

  11. 11 Increase your visible accountability and value with the Progress Report (shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  12. 12 Prioritize the important stuff (shot in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam)

  13. 13 Delegate, and how to delegate up! (shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  14. 14 Anticipate Needs to increase your value (shot in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia)

  15. 15 How are you standing out from the crowd? (shot at Salt Lick Lodge, Tsavo West, Kenya)

  16. 16 Get off the merry-go-round by having a Strategy (shot in London, UK)

  17. 17 Don't just recycle... it's not about tenure, it's about value (shot in Horsham, south of London, UK)

  18. 18 Breaking down a strategy... so you can add more visible value (shot in Paris, France)

  19. 19 Take intelligent risk (shot while on safari, Tsavo West, Kenya)

  20. 20 Think inside an outside box for creative solutions (shot in Shanghai, China)

  21. 21 Find solutions by conducting a Solution Storming Session (shot in Cebu, Philippines)

  22. 22 Understand the 3 responses to change initiatives (shot near Cebu, Philippines)

  23. 23 Get projects approved with The One Page Business Case - part 1 (shot in Singapore)

  24. 24 Transcript: The One Page Business Case - part 2 - walking through the framework

    Objective: Going part by part into the format of Tim Wade's One-Page Business Case.

  25. 25 The One Page Business Case - part 2 - walking through the framework (animation)

  26. 26 Get projects approved with the One Page Business Case - part 3 (shot in Singapore)

  27. 27 How to conduct a Mastermind session (shot in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia)

  28. 28 Five qualities of a leader that people want to follow (shot in Jubail, Saudi Arabia)

  29. 29 Create a SWAT Team to tackle staffing troughs and workload spikes (shot in Shanghai, China)

  30. 30 Utilize the Speed Networking team activity (shot in Yangon, Myanmar)

  31. 31 Create a Skills Matrix to focus growth and development initiatives (shot in Mumbai, India)

  32. 32 Utilise Variation Management to design reward and development plans (shot in Mumbai, India)

  33. 33 Implement Rule 15 with your Manager or Direct Reports (shot in Hong Kong)

  34. 34 Seek 360 degree feedback to accelerate development (shot in Xiamen, China)

  35. 35 Questions for better coaching (shot in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

  36. 36 Leverage the 6 Laws of Influence to get more done (shot in Yangon, Myanmar)

  37. 37 What to do on days when nothing much is happening... (shot on safari, Tsavo West, Kenya)

  38. 38 Persist, add value, and work together when things go wrong (Seoul, South Korea)

  39. 39 Don't hang on to your current job so tightly that you become a relic (shot in Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya)

  40. 40 Being on Purpose... Faith, Family, Fitness, Impact (shot in Helsinki, Finland)

  41. 41 Join a community to serve (shot in Birmingham, UK)

Lessons in Sharpin Masterclass Library:

  1. 1 Masterclass: How to get a Promotion Payrise

    Objective: 5 tips to get a promotion/ pay rise. Implement ideas now.

  2. 2 Masterclass: Leading with Optimism - Victor Perton

    Objective: Why optimism is a career superpower. Science of optimism.

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