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Hiya. Welcome to the program!

My name is Tim Wade and I'm super-thrilled you're here because getting a promotion or a payrise is awesome. It means you're progressing and you have more money every payday. Which means you can do more for others, your family, and yourself. Which is awesome. Which is why you want it. Which is a good thing. And which is why this is important.

By the way, don't get hung up on stuff like "payrise" vs "pay rise" or "payraise" or whatever. Seriously... that doesn't matter. And the world is your global employer, and not everywhere in the world says or spells things the way you do. So, let's focus on the things that really matter.

Now I want to say one thing: getting a promotion or a payrise is really a great measure of perceived value. But take note, this is important: NEVER LET IT DEFINE YOU. You are not your title or your salary. That is not your real value. You are worth way much more than that. And you're here for a purpose. And it's important. And right now, you are where you are, and you're here reading this because now is the time for you to start this new chapter. That's cool. I'm going to share with you what I know works, and what I think will make an awesome impact in your life, so you can awesomely impact others.

So let me just say this: you're not going to get a promotion or a payrise because you're awesome. You're going to get both of them because of the perceived or expected future value you can deliver to your manager and the organization based on the value you're delivering now and in the recent past.

So, let's ramp up that perceived value based on delivering exceptional value. And let's create an awesome recent past of value.

And I'm going to show you how to do just that.

I will be leading you through this program through a series of videos that incorporate skills, activities, strategies, tips, and shifts in perspective. All these combine to create the arsenal of actions that you can put in place to advance your career. I did. So can you. And because you're here, you have the greatest chance to make it happen for you once you commit to moving forward. That part is up to you.

One more thing: from time to time we might add new bits and improvements to this course based on the feedback we receive, so please let us know if there are areas you'd like to develop or content you'd like us to explore in a bit more depth.

Time for you to develop even more skills, abilities, superpowers, and awesomenesses! So... let's get started!

Oh, and thanks again for joining us. You're already awesome by the way, let's sharpen that, and help others notice what you have to offer that next role... :)

Tim Wade

3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF!... Let's do this!

41 Lessons

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Welcome to Promotion Payrise

Welcome to Promotion Payrise! (shot in Mumbai, India)

Understand the rules of the game so you can win (shot in Mumbai, India)

Have the typical promotion and payrise tactics covered (shot in Langkawi, Malaysia)

Develop your Character (part 1)

Level up your work ethic (shot in Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Become a Master in the job you're in now (shot on Manukan Island, Sabah, Malaysia)

Forget the past stuff that's not serving you or anyone else (shot on safari in Tsavo West, Kenya)

Set goals using the 12-hour model (shot in Nagasaki, Japan)

Use the 4 Steps to increasing Goal Accomplishment (shot in Hoi An, Vietnam)

Market yourself to your manager

Earning their trust... (shot on safari in Tsavo West, Kenya)

Market yourself (shot in Eumundi, Australia)

Increase your visible accountability and value with the Progress Report (shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Prioritize the important stuff (shot in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam)

Delegate, and how to delegate up! (shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Anticipate Needs to increase your value (shot in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia)

How are you standing out from the crowd? (shot at Salt Lick Lodge, Tsavo West, Kenya)

Add and Deliver even more Value (part 1)

Get off the merry-go-round by having a Strategy (shot in London, UK)

Don't just recycle... it's not about tenure, it's about value (shot in Horsham, south of London, UK)

Breaking down a strategy... so you can add more visible value (shot in Paris, France)

Take intelligent risk (shot while on safari, Tsavo West, Kenya)

Think inside an outside box for creative solutions (shot in Shanghai, China)

Find solutions by conducting a Solution Storming Session (shot in Cebu, Philippines)

Add and Deliver even more Value (part 2)

Understand the 3 responses to change initiatives (shot near Cebu, Philippines)

Get projects approved with The One Page Business Case - part 1 (shot in Singapore)

Transcript: The One Page Business Case - part 2 - walking through the framework

Going part by part into the format of Tim Wade's One-Page Business Case.

The One Page Business Case - part 2 - walking through the framework (animation)

Get projects approved with the One Page Business Case - part 3 (shot in Singapore)

How to conduct a Mastermind session (shot in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia)

Lead People and Structure Your Team to produce even greater Positive Results

Five qualities of a leader that people want to follow (shot in Jubail, Saudi Arabia)

Create a SWAT Team to tackle staffing troughs and workload spikes (shot in Shanghai, China)

Utilize the Speed Networking team activity (shot in Yangon, Myanmar)

Create a Skills Matrix to focus growth and development initiatives (shot in Mumbai, India)

Utilise Variation Management to design reward and development plans (shot in Mumbai, India)

Developing people to create greater value and increase your influence

Implement Rule 15 with your Manager or Direct Reports (shot in Hong Kong)

Seek 360 degree feedback to accelerate development (shot in Xiamen, China)

Questions for better coaching (shot in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Leverage the 6 Laws of Influence to get more done (shot in Yangon, Myanmar)

Develop your Character (part 2)

What to do on days when nothing much is happening... (shot on safari, Tsavo West, Kenya)

Persist, add value, and work together when things go wrong (Seoul, South Korea)

Don't hang on to your current job so tightly that you become a relic (shot in Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya)

Being on Purpose... Faith, Family, Fitness, Impact (shot in Helsinki, Finland)

Join a community to serve (shot in Birmingham, UK)