Nail That Job Interview

Your resume got you to the interview. Now is the moment of truth. That conversation could be the difference between landing your next job and staying where you are. Wouldn't it be great to go into that meeting with an even greater level of confidence, calm, clarity and certainty? With a feeling of preparedness and relaxed enough to enjoy it?

And wouldn't it be great to pull back that curtain and see what the interviewer is thinking before you go into the session? That would definitely increase your probability of success in your next interview.

That's what this program is about. John Merkus interviews master recruiter Andrew Hurnard - CEO of The Cache Group a leading executive recruitment firm - to find out how recruiters think and what they are looking for. He has interviewed thousands of people, placed them in interviews, and gathered feedback from employers as to what some candidates succeeded and why others did not.

Find out. Be prepared. Relax. And nail that job interview!

11 Lessons

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Getting Started - Download the Workbook

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Video 1 - Introduction

Let's set you up to get the most out of this course

Video 2 - Tell me about yourself

The foundation for being able to make a great impression

Video 3 - Tell me about yourself – The Opening

Create the start of your answer to, "Tell me about yourself?"

Video 4 - Tell me about yourself – Background

Create the middle part of your answer

Video 5 - Tell me about yourself – The Close

Finish strong making your first impression

Video 6 - Tell me about yourself – Bringing it together

Using the Opening, Middle & Close create your 60 second reply

Video 7 – Critical Interview Questions - What do you know about us?

Andrew shows you how to answer this critical interview question

Video 8 – Critical Interview Questions – Why do you want this job?

Andrew shows you how to answer this critical interview question

Video 9 – Behavioural Interview Questions

You'll be able to answer any behavioural interview question

Video 10 – Final Tips

The essential last piece you need to finish the interview as strong as you started