Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile

We take you step by step giving you the blueprint and easy actions to have your LinkedIn profile Supercharged. Get the tips, strategies and the HOW as well as the reasons WHY it's so important to Supercharge your LinkedIn profile. From master recruiter Andrew Hurnard  master trainer John Merkus.

13 Lessons

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Supercharge 1 - Intro and Search Words

Andrew and John show you how appear at the top of the list in searches.

Supercharge 2 - Achievements

Now let's get your top achievements so we can use them on your profile

Supercharge 3 - Value Proposition

Now let's get your value proposition so we can use that on your profile

Supercharge 4 - What's Important to You

What's important to you is also important on LinkedIn

Supercharge 5 - Fun Facts

Let's look at some some fun facts about you

Supercharge 6 - Headline

Supercharge your Headline

Supercharge 7 - About

Supercharge your About section

Supercharge 8 - Work Experience

Supercharge your Work Experience

Supercharge 9 - Skills and Recommendations

Have the right skills and how to get recommendations

Supercharge 10 - Networking and Connections

Understand who to connect with and why

Supercharge 11 - Recap

We make sure you got all the gold in this course and help you with what's next